Monday, November 2, 2009

Voter Question: How do you define "proper" funding for schools?

Earlier this evening I received an email from a local resident in my district.  He had a great question about one of my three key issues.  Below I have listed his question and my response.  I welcome feedback from readers of this blog on how to address the balance between a tight budget and proper funding for our schools.  If fortunate enough to be elected tomorrow, I will need everyone's help with this and many other issues.

How do you define "proper" funding for schools?

I define proper funding as our school system having the financial resources it needs at all times to provide a complete and balanced education for all children in Fairfield.

My plan as your representative on the RTM is to add my voice to the call for a fully independent audit of the school board's budget.  Going door to door this past month, I have spoken to many fellow voters that share my concern for where their money is going.  Some teachers are low on school supplies and it is only November.  Situations like this should never be the case in our town.

It is my belief that we can properly fund our schools, while at the same time keeping taxes and our overall budget down.  There is a fine balance that can and must be achieved and I am hoping to have the opportunity to work towards that goal on behalf of my district.